Blade Aviation approach is flexible entirely based around your specific requirements, whether that’s project-based assistance or retained in-house support. We can guide you through initial applications, or embed professional staff to assist you onsite with ongoing business operations without the heavy investment of full-time employee salaries.

We provide technical support throughout aircraft lease, lease-end transition, re-marketing, sale, purchase, maintenance, conversion, modification, asset seizure and technical negotiation.

We make a difference with your company.

Blade Avia brings expert advisory services to airlines as they tackle their most challenging commercial, financial, and operational issues. We are global in nature and have advised clients in every world region, from start-ups to the largest carriers, low cost to full service, across passenger and cargo markets. We bring airline clients excellence in commercial, customer experience, and cost and operational efficiencies – and have delivered on large transformations and restructurings. In addition to airlines, we have advised other stakeholders including investors and governments, and performed due-diligence exercises for notable investors. Our trusted consultants bring extensive tenures from the airline industry, permitting value to be delivered to clients from day one. We deliver insights with agility that produce tangible and sustainable benefits for our clients.

We are aware that an aircraft lessor can only succeed if its equipment retains its value and is marketable. To adequately preserve the asset value, a technical examination of the aircraft and its documentation status (together referred to as "technical asset management") is required. In order to achieve this goal, our team of technical consultants provides the following services to our clients with the utmost care:

Aircraft Transition Management                                                                                                                                 

The aircraft and technical documents must meet lease return and delivery requirements, and our team of technical professionals makes sure they do.

Aircraft Pre/redelivery & Mid-term Inspection                                                                                                         

To make sure the client's asset is being maintained in accordance with the terms of the lease, our team of technical specialists performs physical inspections of the aircraft and paperwork evaluations. 

Aircraft Pre-purchase Inspections                                                                                                                               

 In order to offer reports on the asset's present and historical maintenance/technical status for further evaluation needs, our team of technical professionals inspects aircraft and their records.

Aircraft Tear-down/Part-out Management                                                                                                                     

Our team of technical experts provides complete tear-down/part-out management support, which includes planning, vendor selection, component removal, technical documentation build-up, shop visit management, import/export, sales, and administrative support. Long-term store or park aircraft and engines according to manufacturers' requirements and environmental conditions. 

Major Maintenance Event Planning and Representation                                                                                             

The planning, review, and monitoring of any significant maintenance activities, such as major checks, shop visits, AOG, recovery, etc., are supported by our team of technicians.

Technical consultancy                                                                                                                                                 

Turn keys /AOC - Air Operator Certificate, AMO-Aircraft Maintenance Organization, ATO-Aviation Training Organization/ start-ups, MOE and SOP drafting, manual review, and project management.

Aerodrome Management and Planning                                                                                                                               

We support aerodrome owners and operators in doing master planning, feasibility studies, operating manuals, and selecting airstrips. Also, assist in building helipads and managing their operations. 


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Maximize operational efficiency and safety in airspace management

Maximizing operational efficiency and safety in airspace management means optimizing all processes and systems related to airspace management to ensure the highest possible efficiency and safety of flights. This includes the use of advanced technologies, improving coordination and communication between air traffic controllers and pilots, and implementing best practices to minimize risks and enhance the reliability of air traffic management.

Maximizing operational efficiency and safety in airspace management is necessary for several important reasons:

Improved operational efficiency: streamlining processes reduces delays, improves airspace utilization and improves the overall efficiency of airlines and aviation services.

Improved Safety: Adoption of advanced technology and best practices helps minimize risks, prevent incidents and accidents, and ensure the safety of passengers, crew and aircraft.

Cost savings: Effective airspace management helps reduce operational costs by reducing time in the air, reducing fuel consumption and improving the accuracy and predictability of operations.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements: Meeting aviation regulations and standards requires a high level of operational efficiency and safety. This ensures compliance with national and international regulations. Customer satisfaction: higher levels of efficiency and safety improve the passenger experience, reduce delays and increase airline reliability, which positively affects reputation and customer loyalty.

Innovation and competitiveness: Continuous improvement and the introduction of new technologies allow aviation companies to remain competitive and industry leaders, offering more modern and safer.


Send us a request so that we could work over it in detail and come back with the best solution

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Send us a request so that we could work over it in detail and come back with the best solution

Let's discuss your inquiry